In a fast-paced industry, we are confident about offering a courier service like no other in the Midwest area. We deliver for your business, making customer service a top priority. We use hybrid and high fuel- efficiency/low emission vehicles, offset our emissions, and offer contributions to green-power sources to reduce our carbon footprint.
We are dedicated to “going green” to benefit future generations.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations as the Midwest’s first
eco-conscious courier business.

From corporate to personal, one-hour service to next day delivery, a single envelope to multiple pallets—whatever is required—EcoXpress provides customized delivery services at cost effective rates.

We use state-of-the-art technology and software to provide easy online
ordering, tracking and proof of delivery along with many other benefits at no extra charge.

We strive to be considered an extension of your company. We want you to be proud of using our reliable and progressive services. It’s more than the shipments; it’s outstanding customer service, a dependable staff, recognizable vehicles and drivers who are neatly uniformed, courteous and professional.

To us, part of providing the best possible courier service means offering an environmentally-forward option. By choosing EcoXpress, you contribute to the success of a unified goal—contributing to the ideal of less consumption and more sustainability, which means a better future.

  Our clients rely on us for excellent customer
service and on-time deliveries, but it’s more
than that. They also rely on us as a more
eco-friendly and responsible choice.
When you choose EcoXpress, you help
contribute to the global mission of obtaining
a healthier planet. Our environmentally-friendly
vehicles and tree planting program help make a difference
every day. We believe that each successful delivery ensures the
success of your business, our business…and together, our future.

We plant one tree for every delivery we make. Join us in reducing carbon emissions!

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